We are hearing a reference to “The New Normal”, that certainly isn’t normal at all. It feels like trying to hold on to something in your hand, then realize the only thing you have grasped is air. Uncertainty about everything is becoming “normal”. We don’t know what lies ahead, do we?

Last month my youngest brother, David, went to be with Jesus. We knew he was ill, but death was more sudden than anyone could imagine. Knowing that he is now in the presence of the Lord, surrounded by family and friends who preceded him, is certainly a comfort for his family. But, still a painful loss.

David and I had many conversations about Heaven. He was looking forward to reaching the place that would be home forever. He suffered much, and his gaze became focused on the promises of Christ as his human surroundings became unbearable. The promises to those who “trust in, rely on, and adhere to” the Savior of the Soul became reality for my little brother.

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