"Invited to one of Lenee’s retreats by a friend, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go. At the time, I was experiencing some difficult problems with my family and was wondering if God even cared about my crisis.

After a couple of days in the Bible study, listening to Lenee and other women, and experiencing care, love and understanding as I expressed my troubles, I begin to see that my very problem was addressed by Jesus. He cared, loved me and wanted to give me peace. On the last evening of the retreat, we gathered around and prayed for each woman individually. As they prayed for me I felt the outpouring of love and the reality of God spirit. It was amazing. I went home with new understanding, knowing the Lord loved me no matter what. I was able to really put my problems in God’s hands and trust him for the answer."

J. Harris

"Lenee’s small personal retreats; a God inspired notion that has grown into a caring, sharing ministry which has bolstered the faith of women of all ages, 8 to 10 at a time. I have been blessed by Lenee and this ministry from the very first one, and each retreat that I have attended has left me stronger spiritually, rested physically and smiling joyfully as I remember the sweet fellowship that makes each retreat. If you haven’t tried one, you really should treat yourself and go. "

Alice Bunning

"Lenee’s retreats have been a special blessing in my spiritual journey of growing in a more intimate walk with Jesus. I do not have an opportunity for such an experience back home in Ohio.

"The retreat is a time away from the duties of home, freeing our mind to focus on Jesus so we can draw nearer to following him and becoming more like him. The fellowship with other Christian ladies is enriching as we share our experiences. The best part of our retreat is the teaching in our Bible studies. Lenee makes it come alive. She is so open and sharing her walk with the Lord which enables me to realize my need to let go of things in my past and move on with surrendering fully to Christ daily leading me and Jesus renewing my mind to focus on him. Only the Lord knows the impact Lenee and her retreats have made on my walk with Jesus. I praise God for her ministry."

Bobbie Miller

"Ladies, does spending a few days with other women in beautiful surroundings, drawing encouragement from God‘s Word and just having that along time we all need to sound good to you? Then, I suggest you treat yourself to four days and nights with Lenee Schroeder on one of her small and personal retreats for women! I can say from my own experience you will come home refreshed and renewed in body and spirit. Ready to tackle your tasks ahead. Lenee has such a gift in teaching God‘s word that you will learn from daily Bible studies, prayer time (alone and together) and sharing of personal life experiences.

I would say to anyone considering attending one of these special retreats to go ahead and sign up before they fill up. It is a wonderful time, with great new friends and most of all, you will return with a deeper love and commitment to serve our Lord!"

Sharon McCain.