Psalm 51 is King David's cry to God for forgiveness. His heart was broken over his sin, and he longed to be restored in his relationship to the Lord. Verse 12 and 13 of that Psalm says, " restore to me the joy of your salvation and hold me up with your free spirit. Then, I will teach transgressors your way..."

Those verses give me a passion to teach others to fall in love with Jesus, the One who restores us to God.

As one who has been restored, I want to bring others the message of the unfathomable love, grace, and healing for our souls. I want hurting hearts to know and experience God's power to give them the peace they crave, and God's love and joy that will fill their life.

As I travel and speak in women's retreats, conferences, churches, and teach Bible studies, the message is always centered in Christ --- Our Blessed Lord and Savior.

  • "The Parables of Jesus" (4 CDs)
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  • "The Beatitudes" (5 CDs)
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  • "God's Love" (4 CDs)
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  • "The Book of Romans - Part One" (5 CDs)
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  • "The Book of Romans - Part Two" (5 CDs)
    Suggested donation $50.00
  • "Meet Me at the Well" (2 CDs)
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