Lenee is an accomplished keyboard musician, vocalist and inspirational speaker, who shares her music and her faith in Churches, Retreats and Conferences. She plays and sings Christian music with styles from Classical to Country, blending her keyboard artistry with songs of worship that will warm your heart.

She has a passion for Women’s Ministries and often speaks at Women’s Events and Retreats, weaving together music and teaching. The blending of the two is unique, motivating and encouraging to all of those who attend her programs. Relationship to the person of Christ is always the central theme. It is her desire to point clearly to Jesus, and help others find and apply His truth to their lives.

Her ministry (BLS Ministries) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with headquarters in Venice, Florida. Her total financial support comes from her Music Programs, Speaking Engagements and financial gifts from individuals. To schedule a program, use the “contact us” page, providing the dates for your event and any questions that you may have pertaining to those dates.

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